Humanost i mi

Pomozimo Bolesnoj Bebi Ajsi Hajdarevic

Please come and join us July.03 at 9:00pm in Piccolo Caffe for Charity Concert for little Ajsa, 17 month old baby who has severe form of Epilepsy.Tickets for Charity Concert will be only $15.00!
SHE needs OUR help! PLEASE COME DONATE and SHOWyour HUMANITY! Let's prove one more time that WE ALL can help gather enough funds to send little Ajsa to proper hospital and medical treatment that SHE deserves! NOT TO FORGET that lot of ours local singers and musicians will be attending this event VOLUNTARILY to help raise donations for little Ajsa. THANK YOU ALL!
P.s. IF you are invited to this event but unable to come please VISIT http://ajsahajdarevic.bbno and make a small donation for Ajsa! WE ALL ARE AJSA'S ONLY HOPE!



Pomozimo maloj Ajši

Uplate za Ajšu Hajdarević se mogu izvršiti na transakcijski račun otvoren kod UniCredit banke na ime Edin Hajdarević:
3380000000000072, broj partije — 45209809000.

Uplata za Ajšu Hajdarević u inostranstvu se mogu izvrsiti na račun „Otvorene mreže” s naznakom „za Ajšu Hajdarević”:
Devizni račun kod VOLKSBANK BH 5030120-220918 , IBAN broj-BA39 1401010022091880, SWIFT-VBSABA22.

Ili pozovite:

BH Telecom 090 291 027
HT Eronet 092 890 827

i donirajte 2 KM + PDV (važi za korisnike fiksne telefonije i postpaid korisnike mobilne telefonije).